Hatch beauty

Post about Hatch beauty… The rest of the day is just one of the many attempts at trying to catch the attention of someone that will hear you out. You get tired of the idea of tweeting and just turn the radio up and begin to drift back to sleep. You are so tired that you do not even notice […]

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Beauty Within explores the world of skincare, beauty and …

Information about Beauty within… Inspiring young women to be better versions of themselves through beauty wellness content that integrates into their daily lives. Helps young women recover from inabilities in skincare; gives skincare that focuses on beauty a second life. Inspiring young women to be better versions:presenting Skincare that Gives You An Edge. Helping them recover from their inabilities in […]

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Foodie beauty

This post about Foodie beauty… BuzzFeed News has already been branded asan anti-mukbang channelby the hate mob, butChantal couldnt care less. We have aconnection: Chantal: Chantal is Our: Foodie Beauty, BuzzFeed: News, and Chantal: Our: Foodie Beauty, BuzzFeed News. You do nothingDespite a few fake news articles making the rounds about you causing a controversy, you decide against doing anything […]

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