Euphoria Star Angus Cloud’s Tragic Cause Of Death Finally Revealed

We finally know what took Angus Cloud‘s life.

Nearly two months after the Euphoria star tragically passed away at just 25 years old, questions have been answered regarding his mysterious cause of death. According to the Alameda County Coroner’s Office, Angus’s death has been attributed to an accidental overdose of a very “lethal combination” of drugs. A spokesperson for the coroner told CNN on Thursday:

“Angus Cloud died from a lethal combination of fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine and in what is ruled as an accidental overdose. Angus suffered from acute intoxication from the combination of drugs, which also included benzodiazepine.”

As we’ve previously reported, Angus’ mother Lisa was the one who discovered him unresponsive in their Oakland home. She quickly called emergency services, informing them at the time he had potentially suffered a “possible overdose.”

Soon after, she spoke out, denying speculation that he had died of suicide, writing on Facebook:

“Social media posts have suggested his death was intentional. I want you to know that is not the case.”

The coroner is clearly backing her up on that. The manner being listed as “accidental” should put those rumors to rest. The presence of fentanyl tends to imply accident as well — as it’s been all too common a killer for drug users who thought they knew what they could take. How completely devastating. Fentanyl has claimed the lives of FAR too many in recent years.

Our hearts continue to ache for the Cloud family and all of Angus’ loved ones. Rest in peace.

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