Love Islands Molly Marsh ditches blonde hair and goes pink in huge transformation

Molly Marsh, one of this year's standout contestants from Love Island, has been keeping herself incredibly busy since departing from the sunny shores of Mallorca.

The 22 year old, who has been making waves on TikTok and enjoying her blossoming romance with co-star Zachariah Noble, has taken on an inspiring role in her latest project.

She is collaborating with the charity Children with Cancer for their latest campaign, Style Against Cancer, and she's gone all out by dyeing her hair pink for the cause.

Molly shared the exciting transformation process on her Instagram stories, teasing her followers with a "hair transformation pending" post.

She further heightened the anticipation by posting a black and white picture of herself in the hairdresser's chair, captioned: "All will be revealed tonight."

Her next post featured a tub of vibrant pink hair dye, leaving her followers intrigued about the final look. The big reveal came with a caption that read: "Cotton candy pink."

This isn’t the first inspirational post Molly has shared on her social media. Molly recently posed in gym wear and showed different angles of the same shot to prove to her fans how influencers can look completely different to real life.

She wrote alongside the post: "A little reminder…I LOVE my body!! & these days sharing myself online is a big part of my life. I wanna look good SOOOO as everyone else does I share the BEST BITS! Best angles, the pic where I feel like I look best, the video where I say the right thing, the best days out, the angle where I look cute, the list goes on."

Molly shared that she had felt inadequate when she was growing up, too, writing: "Growing up I was sick of seeing this perfect image of what I was supposed to look like, what the pretty girls look like, what beautiful looks like, and the moment I scrolled to see ONE post of ONE woman showing a glimpse of Instagram vs reality I felt happy and inspired!!

"That’s why I like to post reminders like these for you all to see and relate to me in some way. A moment for you to stop and breathe! & realise we are all beautiful!"

But while she encouraged fans to feel good about themselves, Molly made a plea for people to stop guilt tripping her in comments on posts where she looked good.

She wrote: "So PLEASE, when I post one story when I feel good! AND Look good! Don’t fill my messages with “how is this meant to make me feel body confident” because I don’t want to feel guilty for posing and feeling good about myself!

“I will be posting more like this as these posts are the kinda stuff I like to see on my social media feed, the ones where we hold our posture vs the relaxed normal view of our body! It’s all just a important reminder that what you see on social media is everyone’s HIGHLIGHTS!

"I love you all & I want everyone to be reminded with some sort of normality on a place that really isn’t normal!"

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