Meghan Markle Does Background Acting Work for Coffee Company Ad

meghan markle in clevr blends ad instagram

Meghan Markle seems to be dipping her toe back into the acting game — although, considering this is an ad for a coffee company she has stock in … perhaps not really.

The Duchess of Sussex is prominently featured in the background for this end-of-year video that Clevr Blends posted on social media Tuesday — capping off 2023 by thanking their loyal customer base … while consistently having MM in frame for each quick scene.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She’s acting like a regular Clevr employee in each shot — packing up boxes and busy working at a computer. She’s certainly noticeable though … standing out like a sore thumb.

Toward the end of the digital commercial, she walks right toward the camera and attempts to fist-bump another Clevr worker — but fails miserably, which makes her bust up laughing.

meghan markle in clevr blends ad instagram

You can tell the whole thing’s joke-y and meant to highlight her involvement in the company — but, like we said, this is one of the first times she’s technically gotten back on camera since she’s gotten involved with Prince Harry. At first glance, she still has some presence to her!

If you’re wondering what Meg has to do with this hippy-dippy coffee, she’s one of a handful of investors for it — and apparently sees major potential in growth, seeing the company’s still private at the moment … and relatively small compared to the big chains out there.

meghan markle in clevr blends ad instagram

In fact, Clevr doesn’t even have in-store locations that serve Java — you gotta order their beans online and have ’em shipped to you. That said, it seems to have a pretty good rep.

Meghan got involved with them in 2020, and she appears to be far and away their biggest claim to fame … something she doesn’t mind flexing to help finish the year strong, it seems.

Whether this leads to the acting bug again, time will tell … it looks like she’s still got it!

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