Ozzy Osbourne Has REALLY Strong Thoughts About Whether An Osbournes Reboot Will Ever Happen!

If you were hoping to see a reboot of The Osbournes in the future, we have some bad news for you!

In the new episode of The Osbournes Podcast Tuesday, the famous family opened up about working on their reality show – which ran for four seasons on MTV until 2005. Although fans enjoyed watching the series, they did not enjoy making it too much. It apparently took a huge toll on their mental health!

When Jack Osbourne asked his family if the show had a “positive or negative effect on everyone’s mental health,” Kelly Osbourne immediately chimed in, revealing that she had a really hard time with negative comments from the public:

“Imagine having to relive every conversation you’ve ever had throughout a 24-hour period or six-month period, and then all of a sudden people are judging everything you’ve said. You’re just like, ‘Wait I just thought I was having a normal conversation, now this person hates me.’ It’s crazy. It just made me so insecure.”

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For Ozzy Osbourne? The Black Sabbath frontman pointed out that the show was the “best diary” for the future. The downside of it, though? He admitted filming made him “a bit crazy at times” due to the lack of privacy, explaining:

“It’s so intrusive in your house. At the time, I said I wanted a safe room where I could go and pick my nose and squeeze a zit if I want to without being on camera, and they had a f**king camera in there. When you’ve got hidden cameras, you start to freak out.”

Not to mention, on top of having zero privacy, Ozzy pointed out that as the show went on it became more and more “unreal.” And it’s for this reason Jack feels they won’t “ever do another season.” In fact, Ozzy is putting his foot down on the matter! He bluntly stated:

“It won’t happen again. Never in a million years.”

Oof. Jack agreed with the rock star, adding:

“To be honest with you, I don’t think it should.”

Watch the entire conversation (below):

Innerestingly, the family announced a 10-part documentary series on BBC One and iPlayer called Home to Roost last year, which would follow the family as they head back to the U.K. to Los Angeles. They planned to cover everything from the couple moving across the pond to Sharon Osbourne celebrating her 70th birthday and Kelly having her first child. Although the show has not dropped yet, fortunately for fans, the family is not done giving fans a peek into their lives! But when it comes to rebooting their reality show? Well, the Osbournes clearly seem to think it should never ever happen.

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