Snow Patrol Breakup NOT Amicable?? Band Member's Wife Calls Johnny McDaid A 'Snake'!

This Snow Patrol split might have more to it than meets the eye!

ICYMI, the iconic indie rock band, known for their Grey’s Anatomy level sad songs, said goodbye to two of their members — drummer Jonny Quinn and bassist Paul Wilson — last week. Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly, and Johnny McDaid (AKA Courteney Cox‘s beau) were “heartbroken” for their two friends to leave the lineup, per a post on Gary’s social media that read:

“We are heartbroken they have decided to leave us but we wish them nothing but happiness, success, joy, compassion and everything they want in all their future endeavours.”

It seemed like the whole thing was amicable at first. The lead singer’s post went on to say the remaining three band members would continue on as a trio, and he couldn’t speak highly enough of their former drummer and bassist. It really came off as just one of those things — it was just time for the guys to retire. That is, until Quinn’s wife dropped a bombshell!

Mariane Quinn, who unlike her man opted to not stay silent about the SP split, replied to a fan on Instagram Monday when they asked what she thought about the whole ordeal. She revealed her drumming hubby’s relationship with Gary and Nathan was still great — but as for McDaid, well, she told a different story:

“The last f**ker is a snake though.”


It’s unclear what happened to make Mariane say this about the longtime songwriter, but she even went on to openly praise Gary and Nathan on her socials and omit McDaid’s name:

“I’m so incredibly proud of my husband and it’s with very mixed feelings Jonny is announcing his departure from the band. So many amazing times, so many incredible people and experiences. I couldn’t have dreamt it. Sad the reason for leaving is not the best, but excited about what lies ahead. I wish Gary and Nathan all the best in moving forward, hopefully you can keep it together.”

“The reason for leaving is not the best”?? Uh oh…

A source dished to The Sun on Monday some more deets surrounding the split, and while they didn’t go into too much detail, it sounds like there’s definitely some turmoil between the members. The insider said “tensions boiled over between the group, with Jonny and Paul deciding they no longer wanted to work with McDaid”:

“It became totally untenable for them to stay together. There is a bit of bad blood with Johnny as far as some of the band are concerned. But while none of them want to talk about it publicly at the moment, Mariane isn’t afraid to have a pop and say what she thinks.”

But we shouldn’t expect for it to stay secretive forever, because the source added:

“It’ll all come out in the wash.”


Meanwhile, Mariane is still having her “pop” online, even going as far as criticizing McDaid’s songwriting and calling him a “weird fan boy” — we can’t imagine what she’s getting at, but with tensions this high, it can’t be good! And where does Courteney lie in all this mess??

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