Strictlys Amy Dowden breaks down as family help shave her head in tear-jerking video

Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden has shared an emotional clip as she documented the moment she shaved her head.

The dancer posted the tear-jerking video alongside a heartfelt captioned where she detailed how she decided to 'take control' but admitted it has been the 'hardest step so far.'

Amy, 33, who received the news she had breast cancer back in May, has undergone a mastectomy and been having chemotherapy treatment amid her cancer battle.

She has since been documenting her experiences, hoping it will raise awareness and encourage others to check themselves.

But this latest development showed the star taking a brave step as she promised to get back to her "happy dancing, tea lover" self.

In the clip, Amy could be seen sitting in a chair as her family gathered around her for the big moment.

She wiped tears from her eyes and was comforted by her loved ones as her hair fell to the floor.

But Amy remained smiling and laughing as her family members took turns to cut her hair.

Detailing the emotional moment with her Instagram followers, Amy penned: "“This too shall pass.

"Taking control- The hardest step so far. I tried my best to save it. I know it’s only hair but these past few months I’ve had what feels like so much taken away from me that has made me not feel like Amy.

"I’m missing every possible aspect of dancing. I just wanted to keep my identity with my hair and I tried telling myself it wouldn’t go. But I would dread the pain of waking up to the shredding everyday."

She continued: "I’ve not been able to take control of this journey so far, but as you can see with some of my loved ones I took the courage and CONTROL.

"It’s going to take some time to get use to and learn to love and embrace but, I’m now focussing-not on the hair I’m losing but the hair I’m going to get back and the happy dancing, tea lover who talks way to fast whilst rolling every rrrrr who is still there inside with or without hair!

"Since taking control, I feel I can now see the finish line. This for me was a hurdle I couldn’t even bring myself to think or speak about. I’ve done it and I’ve also crossed the half way chemo line! Im feeling empowered and positive!"

Amy finished her candid post by addressing her followers who may be on similar journeys as she sent them her "love, power, strength and courage."

She added: "I found my courage for this step and I’m proud. (There are some fun before and after vids/reels coming, but I wanted to share the truth and hopefully help others, and bring normality to a beautiful bald head)."

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