Tommy Furys dad John flips table at press conference ahead of KSI fight

If anyone was in any doubt as to where world heavyweight champion Tyson Furyand his younger boxing brother Tommy Fury got their fighting spirits, everything would have been explained on Tuesday, August 22.

John Fury, 59, the father of the two boxing stars, let his inner animal come out during a pre-fight press conference featuring Tommy Fury, KSI, Logan Paul and Dillon Danis.

The conference, which was held at Wembley Arena, was called to a swift halt not one of the fighters, but Tommy's dad who lost his cool.

He was seemingly incensed after Logan Paul brought out a giant birthday cake bearing the image of Tommy, 23, which prompted KSI, who will face Tommy on 'The Prime Card', to laugh.

John stood up and told them to "shove the cake up your a******es before I do it" before shouting that he is a "machine" as he beat his chest and dared anyone to ask who he is.

He then proceeded to throw promotional materials up in the air before upturning the table that he, Tommy and others had been sat at just moments before, including KSI, Logan Paul and Dillon Danis.

The scene descended into chaos as the crowd heckled and John began pumping his fists and bouncing back and forth on his feet like he was about to enter into a boxing match with the rest of them.

Next, John turned to the crowd, grabbed his crotch and said: "I'm the king of the world," before making an obscene movement.

Former Love Island star Tommy, who is engaged to Molly-Mae Hague, looked bewildered and nervously laughed at his father's behaviour, despite the boxers' jibes being part of the big game.

Tommy, Tyson and John haven't always had the smoothest of relationships, and Tommy once recalled a time when his dad was particularly hard on him.

He previously fell out with his dad over his attendance of his Molly-Mae's mum’s wedding in 2021. When dad John told him he wouldn’t be able to go as he should be training for a match, a bitter row ensued.

"We had a blow-up the other day," John told BT Sport's Steve Bunce. "He went to his girlfriend's mother's wedding and I told him not to go, I said 'we're in camp, if you're going to do that I'm out of here!'”

After two days away, John decided he had made his point and returned to Tommy's team.

Tyson and Tommy haven't always been close and when the younger Fury brother entered Love Island in 2019, it seemed his brother was unimpressed.

"I thought, he’s a good looking lad," confessed Tyson, 33, back in 2019. "He might get carried away being a TV reality star rather than a fighting man – and it's the last thing he needs to do when he's trying to become a professional fighter.

"I said, 'Nah, it won't be a good idea that, you’ll mess up what you’re doing in your career. You’re on a roll, keep with boxing.'"

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