YouTubes Ms Rachel hits back at vile trolls who tell her to lose weight and be prettier

YouTube sensation Ms Rachel has hit out at vile trolls who have told her to 'lose weight and be prettier'.

The 40 year old social media star, who's real name is Rachel Griffin Accurso, has amassed millions of followers over her various online channels, from Instagram to YouTube.

She is most well-known for creating the YouTube series Songs for Littles, a children's music series focused on language development for toddlers and infants.

But being a social media sensation doesn't come without its negatives, and Rachel recently opened up about the abuse she has received.

She posted a video to Instagram where she could be seen typing in a yellow jumper with her brunette hair falling around her shoulders.

The mum of one could be seen staring forlornly at something off-camera whilst words written on the screen read: "Finishing my second masters in education while someone comments I've gained weight and should lose weight and try to be prettier if I'm going to have a show teaching toddlers."

In the post's caption, Rachel wrote: "Last week, Real comment I got… I have better qualifications to teach than being thin and pretty. And that’s not where my value is! #moms #toddlermom #mama #msrachel #beauty."

Her followers flooded the comments section, as one wrote: "We tolerate zero Ms Rachel slander. You’re an angel on earth!"

Another commented: "Don't play with Auntie Rachel. We gon STEP! Matter of fact, hop little bunnies hop hop hop!"

A third wrote passionately: "Your body is nobody’s business. Thank you for teaching kids what REALLY matters – kindness, empathy, helping others, being a good human. And just know…it’s THEIR own insecurities they’re projecting on you, nothing to do with you."

"LET ME AT EM. The audacity!! And not that it MATTERS because it DOESNT but you’re perfect and our kiddos think so too!!" wrote a fourth.

In May, Rachel announced that she was taking a break from social media, as she posted a video where she sang the words: "I'm taking a break for my mental health".

In her caption, she explained that trolling had a big influence on her decision to momentarily step away, whilst also sharing a little about her anxiety and OCD battles.

She wrote: "Hurtful videos and comments, no matter how much attention they get, will not bring you want you want. Only love can do that."

In another video, she spoke about using an OCD therapist, who has taught her to tackle her overthinking.

She's since shared some of her therapist-learned tips and tricks with her followers.

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